Icelandic events in Murmansk

International Centre for Arctic cooperation has become an organizer of events for the representatives of Icelandic companies, arrived in Murmansk in a delegation of Extraordinary Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland Mrs. Berglind Asgeirsdottir for participation in activities of the V-th Murmansk International Business Week.

A seminar for the representatives of HoReCa and tourism business of the Murmansk region has been one of the events, which caused a great interest among the participants. It took place on the 17-th of November at the hotel "Azimut". Theme of the seminar: "The experience of Iceland and other Nordic countries in the development of Arctic cuisine and tourism."

The seminar has been opened by Ms. Berglind Asgeirsdottir, Extraordinary Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland. Ms. Ambassador has noted the importance of economic relations development between Iceland and Russia and the role of tourism business in bringing together people of different countries. Grigory Stratiy, Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region has welcomed the participants on behalf of the Murmansk region Government. 

An interesting report has been made by Erna Bernsdottir, Trade Union of Iceland. She has been telling about Iceland as a unique tourist destination and surprisingly effectively organized marketing company "Inspiring Iceland." Ilona Vasilyeva, Sales Representative of Iceland Embassy has highlighted the topic of   the gastronomic delights of Iceland and the technology of its preparation. Icelandic chef Fridirik Sigurdsson has continued the theme and shared with the secrets of simple Icelandic kitchen.

An Arctic cuisine of our closest neighbors – Finland, does not remain on the sidelines. Elisa Kristiina Kangasaho, project manager "Kuusamo Lapland Wild Food" has spoken about the development of gastronomic tourism in the Kuusamo region, the specialty of which is using wild nature’ gifts in  Lapland dishes preparing. Jarmo Pitkänen, chef "Tundra" Kuusamo, has impressed the participants with his gastronomic philosophy while creating Arctic menu. The apotheosis of the seminar has been the presentation of Bystrov Dmitry Borisovich, Chief expert, Department of Foreign Affairs and work with Business Councils of CCI RF. It has been an incendiary story about "the personal experience of the Northern Taste", about a combination of the Arctic food and, not less important, drinks! The participants could be only jealous to Mr. Bystrov’ experience in investigating the Arctic Nordic dishes!

The Presentations at the workshop have accompanied by videos with the lovely views of Iceland and Finland and photographs of the appetizing dishes.

In the evening of the same day the representatives of the Murmansk region were invited to the reception given by Ms. Berglind Asgeirsdottir, Extraordinary Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland, on the occasion of Icelandic delegation participation in the V-th Murmansk International Business Week. The guests have had chance to enjoy the delights of the Icelandic cuisine from the Chef Fridirik Sigurdsson.

Another fairly important event have been B2B meetings between Russian and Icelandic companies of fishing industry. B2B were carried out in Murmansk on the 16-th of November in the NCCI office. There were attended 5 Icelandic and 14 Russian companies. Totally, for 3 hours it was conducted 34 meetings.

The following Icelandic companies have been participating in B2B meetings: Hampidjan, Naust Marine, Sjogull, Navis, Borgarplast.

The representatives of the Icelandic companies have been satisfied with the results of B2B negotiations and have intention to visit to Murmansk in March 2017 during the international exhibition "Sea. RESOURCES. TECHNOLOGIES".

See below photo-report of the events

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